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GemStones HuB Ngọc Phỉ Thúy Myanmar QXA @ Hanoi

Since young, Mdm Quý Xuân Anh has a deep passion for music. She has a talent for playing many musical instruments and has used these to help people heal physiologically, heal and improve their souls with the people around them.

Her love for the sound of life and life itself had brought her to Gemstones Hub to bring value and life to the precious stones that help a lot of her friends and acquaintances create great values and add colors to their lives.

Today, she has added many beautiful precious gemstones into her collection of what lives could provide to a person to improve the quality of life for the people around her. Beautiful things are meant to be appreciated and adored always.

To appreciate this, do make an appointment to visit her gallery at Building S102 Vinshome Oceanpark, Đa ton, Gia lâm, Hà Nội.

Mdm Quý Xuân Anh+84 858 580 999

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