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GemStones HuB Ngoc Dan Chau – Warehouse @ Hanoi

Mdm Thao used to hold a good position as a banker in a big bank in Vietnam. It’s an extremely busy job and with her busy schedule, she couldn’t spare enough time for herself and her family. There were moments when she fell into a deadlock in her work as well as having a balanced quality life.

One fine day, she thought that she should balance her life. When she has spare and free time, she would love to spend that going out to meet people. She loves to talk and share her personal views and ideas.

She also loves gardening, growing plants, making handmade things, and particularly loves animals such as cats and dogs. She has a lot of cats and two extremely smart poodles with a small balcony garden to relax and sip some tea.

But now, she has to put all these interests aside and devote all her time and love to the two little twin princesses: Ngoc Minh Dan and Ngoc Minh Chau. So, she decided to retire from the corporate world to be a full-time housewife to care for and watch her 2 princesses grow.

“Do you believe in fate?” – My destiny is to know Jade and learn about Jade, and more specifically, the names of the two daughters also mean precious Jade.

She would love to share with everyone what she has experienced and learned about gemstones that have had historical and spiritual value for thousands of years.
“Can you spare me a moment? She wants to invite you to hear Jade’s thoughts”

GemStones HuB Ngọc Đan Châu – Warehouse at No.2, 24 alley, 298 lane, Ngoc Lam Street, Ngoc Lam Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Mdm Thao An +84 975932 777

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