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GemStones Hub Ngọc Trang @ Hanoi

Mdm Tươi is a true blue person with a passion for traveling and precious gemstones. She loves to smell the fresh air in the morning in the central mountain area of Vietnam, the sound of the bustling city in the old town of Ha Noi, and the view of sunrise by the coastal line of Vietnam.

Never a day had passed that she had not stopped to taste the Vietnamese famous green tea, the fragrance of a blooming Lily, and most importantly the touch and closeness of the precious gemstones.

She welcomes anyone who shares the same passion for the precious stones to sit down with her for a cup of traditional Vietnamese green tea and to open their senses to the aroma of freshly brewed Vietnamese coffee at her gallery.

To appreciate this, do make an appointment to visit her gallery at So Nhà 02 LK, 29 Khu Dô Thị Phú Lương, Hà Đông Hà Nội.

Mdm Tươi – 098 226 8688

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