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GemStones HuB Bảo Khánh An @ Hanoi

Gemstones Hub Bảo Khánh An was founded with the love of the preservation of glamorous things in life. Her love for fast bikes, traveling, her beloved son and beautiful things in life.

Bright stars shine in night skies
Like bangles, baubles and beads
Puts a twinkle in every girl’s eyes
Like a gift of fine jewelry

A pair of sun stone earrings
Presented to the daughter I love
Some expensive fatherly bling
The price for her, one hug

Red copper reflecting inclusions
Dark middles fade to light edges
An adventurine feldspar illusion
Perfect for eternal love pledges

Turquoise blue or teal green schiller
Either one is an eye to heart thriller

Feel free to visit us at our humble gallery, call us at +84 933809988 for Hong Anh or just message us for free viewing.

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